Urban Art Meets Shopping

by Danilo Brunetti

The street art of Diavù at the AURA shopping center in Valle Aurelia

The AURA shopping center, located in the Valle Aurelia district just north of the Vatican, has become the latest hub of Rome’s street art culture, which has been revitalizing Rome’s outskirts.

The shopping mall is promoting the new artistic project by David “Diavù” Vecchiato, founder and curator of M.U.Ro. (Museum of Urban Art in Rome). The project is inspired by the iconic staircase of the nearby Trionfale Market, created by the artist himself and depicting the immortal Italian actress Anna Magnani. The new work is featured on the longest stairway leading to the AURA shopping center, located near the historic Fornace Veschi, and the face of iconic actor Gigi Proietti embellishes the travertine steps that welcome visitors to the center. It’s a tribute to art in all its forms, but also AURA’s gift to the entire neighborhood.

“The choice of the image of Gigi Proietti is linked to the area where the steps of the Fornace are located, near Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Castel Sant’Angelo—places strongly connected to some of the characters played by the actor, such Gaetanaccio of La Commedia di Gaetanaccio and Tiberino of The Seven Kings of Rome, the stars of the sketches I proposed for the AURA staircase,” says the artist Diavù. Thanks to a poll held on AURA’s social media sites, Gaetanaccio was voted to be the subject of the impressive new work of art.

“I would define this project as a rebirth for the AURA shopping center, and for the surrounding community, after this long difficult period that has affected our daily lives,” says AURA director Fabrizio Di Bella. “Gigi Proietti’s big smile represents the positivity and warmth with which we welcome our visitors. The project was born thanks to the teamwork of Svicom, the management company of the AURA shopping center, and Forum Real Estate Management, the asset manager of the center, and of course none of it could have been possible without Diavù’s extraordinary creativity.”

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