Video Makes Us Happy

by Danilo Brunetti

An exciting joint exhibition between two modern galleries explores video art in Italy. Tiffany Parks reports.

An exciting new exhibition hosted jointly by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and the Gallery of Modern Art explores the production of video art and artistic cinema in Italy, from the late 1960s to the present day. Since its earliest history, Italy has been a promoter of exemplary vision and pioneering initiatives, and this continues to be the case into the 21st century, as the country represents an artistic and cultural reference point for video experimentation in terms of variety, quality, and international scope.

Video Makes Us Happy: Video Art in Italy showcases 20 installations in addition to over 300 works of video art, grouped together within dedicated sections, resulting in a total of over 80 hours of projection. The exhibition route unfolds across a wide variety of expository formats: from single-channel videos to video installations, as well as multimedia and interactive equipment aimed at retracing the production and historical process of the pieces on display.


All in all, the project is a collaboration of over 100 artists who, over the course of the last sixty years, have utilized an electronic or digital device, in all its myriad forms, as a privileged medium for research and audio-visual experimentation.

At the Gallery of Modern Art, just a short walk from the Spanish Steps, both single-channel works as well as installations are on exhibit, originating from the centers of production and dissemination of video art that have been active in Italy since the 1960s, with a strong international vocation. Meanwhile over at the PalaExpo, housed in the imposing yet graceful neoclassical palace on Via Nazionale, the exhibit explores the transformations of installation format, in its dialogue with environment and technological devices, in a chronological arc that begins at the end of the 1960s and continues into the 21st century.

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