Wearable Art

by Danilo Brunetti

Grab a bag or accessory made just for you at this artisanal design atelier and boutique. Tiffany Parks reports.

Handmade leather handbags, bespoke accessories, and completely original pieces of jewelry are the offerings of Pas Vù, a chic laboratory-store located in the heart of Rome’s historic center, just a few steps from Campo de’ Fiori. Owner and designer Patrizia Pecoraro conceives and manufactures her original creations strictly by hand in this one-of-a-kind atelier. Each piece is a product of original contemporary design, handcrafted with painstaking artisanal production using exclusively high quality and vegetable-tanned Tuscan leathers. Each piece is both unique and exclusive, and no object is just like another.

The hallmark of the brand is the use of textured leather combined with metallic details, interpreted with various special processes, such as fringed, knotted and rolled, or combined with metal accessories with a satiny silver finish. The collection of bags ranges from mini shoulder bags o shoppers, from backpacks to satchels, from clutches to hobo bags, with something to suit the tastes of nearly any customer. But among all the models, the most popular item is the “Moulin,” a shoulder bag in hand cut and wrinkled leather, available in different sizes and fully customizable in terms of type of leather, size, and style of shoulder strap. For those who love to accessorize with jewelry, Pas Vù’s necklaces and bracelets are truly unique and original creations, able to provide any outfit with a strong and distinctive character. Styles include long fringes, flowers and buds, cascades of carved leather, and much more, and all are true masterpieces to wear. In addition, all of Pas Vù’s creations can be personally customized with the client’s choice of color and leathers, and are ready to pick up in just a few days for a truly one-of-a-kind wearable work of art.

Via del Pellegrino, 88. Tel 0688922708. pasvuhandbags.com