Welcome to Sicily

by Danilo Brunetti

Experience the Mediterranean flavors of Sicilian cuisine without ever leaving the Eternal City

You may not have time in your itinerary to travel to Sicily, but a stop at Da Nina is the next best thing. This casual and welcoming bar/bistro in the heart of the picturesque Trastevere neighborhood offers tasty traditional Sicilian cuisine with all the classic dishes of the regional repertoire, which transports guests to Italy best-known Mediterranean island as soon as they sit down. The ideal meal includes the delicacies of the Sicilian rotisserie such as arancine (typical small rice fritters with a filling of pistachio, parmigiana, or ragù) and panelle (small chickpea flour rolls).

Among the first courses, try the swordfish or pistachio lasagna, anelletti with Sicilian meat sauce, or eggplant parmigiana, followed by a traditional veg, meat or seafood dish such as caponata, zucchini millefeuille, swordfish in pistachio crust, or Sicilian involtini (beef roulades). Sweetness triumphs at the end of the meal: cassata, cannoli, pistachio cake, Sicilian granita, and fried or baked Sicilian iris stuffed with ricotta and chocolate drops are some of the tempting desserts.

The restaurant’s wine list is composed of labels strictly from (you guessed it) Sicily, and the professional and friendly staff led by Francesca guarantees dining here will be smooth sailing. Da Nina is also a bar, offering rich breakfasts based on Sicilian sweets, and lively aperitivo in the evening. Outdoor tables available. Via dei Vascellari, 44. Tel 0659874093. Open 730am–12midnight. Closed Monday.